OnePlus Confirms Launch of Its First Foldable Phone

OnePlus has officially confirmed its foray into the world of foldable smartphones
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OnePlus has officially confirmed its foray into the world of foldable smartphones, with the company revealing that the launch of its debut foldable phone is imminent. This revelation comes after OnePlus had previously hinted at the device's existence, tentatively named the OnePlus Open, with a slated launch timeframe set for the latter half of this year. Now, it appears that the unveiling date is drawing near.

The decision to venture into foldables at this juncture was explained by OnePlus CEO Robin Liu during a presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt. Liu revealed that the company had invested a considerable amount of time in thorough research and development to ensure the foldable would be a success.

"We have spent, to be honest, we have spent an alarming amount of time on the new form factor, research and development," Lui stated. "So the reasoning at this time is you know, for the actual brand and Android devices, we can now start integrations on our hardware, and also the software. So the reason we launched at this time, it will be a believer that these products can bring the best in class hardware, no matter the hardware, performance experiments and also the software experience to the users."

Liu also cited feedback from the OnePlus community and the ongoing trend in the industry towards foldable phones as key factors influencing the decision to launch now.

Regarding collaboration with parent company Oppo on the foldable project, Liu confirmed that both OnePlus and Oppo are pooling their resources and technology to make this venture a reality.

Earlier this year, OnePlus COO Kinder Liu had stated that the company's inaugural foldable phone would maintain the signature OnePlus attributes of speed and smoothness, aiming to deliver a top-tier experience in today's foldable market. Rumored specifications for the device include an 8-inch internal display complemented by a 6.5-inch external display, featuring a 50MP primary camera.